About TXR 

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TXR believes that to realize true value in both residential and commercial design and construction, you need a combination of creative design, quality construction, competitive pricing and professional turn-key execution.

The business slogan for TXR is one that designates the company as the X-factor in design and construction.  A most common definition of an X-factor is a variable in a given situation that could have the most significant impact on the outcome or a noteworthy special talent or quality adding value.

The X-factor TXR offers is combining the powerful blend of professional architectural services (design excellence) with modern construction technology (construction expertise) and turn-key execution through a single source.

TXR’s work and its reputation continue to grow with the expansion of TXR’s design-build portfolio.  One reason for this success is TXR’s core values.  The firm places a strong emphasis on client services, respect for the project requirements, economic discipline, and most important, maintenance of the highest ethical standards.

Roof comments, “An architectural-led design-build firm is purely logical since the design comes first and who better understands the project intent than the architect.

Value engineering the design, competitively bidding the subcontracted project components, hand-picking the construction team and managing their work in strict accordance with the project intent, codes, and specifications, coupled with open-book project accounting results in a completed project value that is simply unattainable by other methods.”